CEO Mexico DMC is a boutique agency servicing Cancun and the Riviera Maya. We pride ourselves on highly personalized and responsive service, attention to detail, creativity, and flawless execution.

Service & Integrity

Service is what we sell and provide. We get it. We are highly responsive to our clients’ needs during the proposal and planning phases and during on-site operations. The owners, John (American) and Alex (Mexican) do all of the sales for the company and are your points of contact throughout the entire process. The rest of our team have been with us for years and know exactly what service level is required of them and what morals guide us. As a boutique agency, every account is precious to us, not just for the one time, but for future bookings as well.

Supplier Relations

You are only as good as your last supplier and that is why we focus on having great relations with ours. We collaborate with them as a team to make sure all events and activities run flawlessly. If you surveyed most suppliers, freelance staff and guides in the destination as to which DMC’s they like working with best, CEO would be the top response. It’s because we treat them with respect, as part of the team, and we pay them in a timely manner.

Experience & Reliability

We have focused our services in the Cancun – Riviera Maya destination for over 20 years. We have no intentions to expand all over Mexico or the Caribbean or pretend to have offices anywhere else. This is it…this is what we know and love and we proudly give our all to this destination. Clients love the fact that we are always available to them on site and feel reassured they are coming back to the same team program after program.

Pricing & Contracting Terms

We have had clients tell us that our services are underpriced and our terms are extremely flexible compared to what they have seen in our destination and other markets. We try to be fair and we know this leads to repeat business. We don’t charge additional for airport transfers in the event your flight is delayed nor do we charge minimums per vehicle if your group is generally 150 pax or more. We don’t have extended event guarantees. We give you back attrition when it is possible to do so. We rarely request a deposit more than a month out from program dates. In fact for many of our house accounts, we bill post program on many occasions. You trust us so we trust you.

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